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We were asked by Precious Media to devise and create all the content for an Amazon e-commerce platform for five of Diageo’s single malt whiskies. The campaign would run in four international markets in the six weeks to Christmas in 2017.

We worked with Diageo and Precious to create five, short-form concepts, which needed to sit together comfortably as a set but also capture the individuality of the whiskies as each of the single malts has a distinct flavour, audience and brand. So we set about finding the stories of the people and the places that embodied the unique spirit and brand of each whisky.

For example, the inspiration for our film about Lagavulin came from the fact that this whisky has the longest maturation of any of the classic malts. So we explored the meaning of time with the inhabitants of Islay, where Lagavulin is distilled. We discovered that on this tiny Hebridean Island, nothing is ever rushed and no one pays any attention to their watches. In fact the clock in the distillery itself “has been stuck on ten to ten for as long as anyone can remember”.

A tight and rigorous production schedule and delivery deadline meant all the films were shot in ten days and delivered three weeks later on time and on budget. The results of the campaign have been astounding. 

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Amazon & Diageo


Precious Media


Amazon Digital Ecommerce

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The Amazon page received over 87MILLION page impressions during the active campaign period.

Videos totalled over 10.4Million views

33% sales Increase (excluding organic sales)

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